My curiosity about micro and macrocosm has somehow led me to delve into the very surface of the plate, investigating closely how variations in texture and line hold and release the black ink from its cracks and pores...
"black matter" intaglio 50x50cm a/p
"cave" intaglio 77,5cm x 58.5cm Edition 5
"pyrolysis II" intaglio 72x62cm Edition 10
"slow motion" intaglio 70x50cm Edition7
"gut" intaglio 94x65.5cm Edition 2
"bad crops" intaglio 70x50cm unique
"buoyancy" intaglio 70x50cm Edition 7
"kiss" intaglio 60x88cm Edition2
"identity" etching 60x46cm Edition 7
"birth" intaglio 72x90cm a/p